We have an experience of 14 years in the market & very well aware of the ongoing competetion to survive. Our ability to trade in diversified products range enables us to yield profits form various sectors. Our primary range of products & services are :

  • Palm oil 
  • Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palms.
  • Timber 
  • Timber refers to wood used for building materials.
  • Rubber 
  • rubber, elastic substance obtained from the exudations of certain tropical plants or derived from petroleum and natural gas.
  • Fabric 
  • Fabrics are used for making things such as clothes, curtains, and sheets etc.
  • Commodities 
  • Traditional examples of commodities include grains, gold, beef, oil, and natural gas.
  • Petrochemicals 
  • Petrochemicals are the chemical products obtained from petroleum by refining.
  • Scrape 
  • Scrap consists of recyclable materials, usually metals, left over from product manufacturing and consumption.
  • Used construction machinery 
  • Excavators , Backhoe, Dragline Excavator, Bulldozers, Graders, Wheel, Tractor Scrapers, Trenchers, Loaders etc.
  • Used vehicles 
  • Vehicles include wagons, bicycles, motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, mobility scooters for disabled people).
  • Electronics 
  • Air Conditioner, Air Purifier, Bachelor Griller, Backup Charger, Banknote etc.
  • Food and drinks 
  • Coffee, Tea, Orange juice, Mango juice etc.
  • Furniture 
  • beds, cabinets, chairs and seating, chests, clocks etc.
  • Household stuff 
  • Bath towels, Hand towels, Soft bed sheets, A blanket or comforter, A bathmat etc.
  • Medical Equipments 
  • Hospital Stretchers, Defibrillators, Anesthesia Machines, Patient Monitors, Sterilizers, EKG/ECG Machines, Surgical Tables etc.
  • Bio fuels 
  • Biofuel is a fuel that is produced over a short time span from biomass.


To setup General Trading business in Malaysia to export Palm Oil Photo Copier Paper electronics and rubber related goods to Africa Asia and Mainly Europe .